My Garbage Disposal Smells. What Do I Do?

To stop rancid scents, you should grind up food refuse immediately with cold water and operate your disposal long enough. Usually, 30 seconds will take care of it.

Avoid dumping coffee grounds, eggshells, potato peels and banana peels into your disposal, as they create drainage problems and unpleasant scents. While bleach appears to be a wise idea for rinsing your garbage disposal, it hardens grease and other food scraps in your pipes, leading to obstructions.

Our Calgary plumbing Experts recommend doing one of these natural blends weekly to keep your disposal smelling pleasant:

  • Hot water and baking soda
  • Hot water and dish soap
  • Hot water and vinegar

You can also use garbage disposal pods or grind up citrus peels to get rid of odors.

If your garbage disposal smells like a sewer, you might be dealing with a leak. Reach the specialists at 587-315-5271 for plumbing service in Calgary.