Which Air Conditioner Service Plan is Right for Me?

July 20, 2015

Whenever you get a replacement air conditioner, or any heating and cooling system for that matter, you’ll most likely find out about air conditioner service plans from AC technicians like the ones from A1 Chesney Service Experts in Calgary. And for a good reason. An air conditioner service plan is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your heating and cooling system is running as it should be, leaving you with the comfort you’ve come to expect.

You’ve probably heard about numerous possibilities, but what’s best for you? Well the team at A1 Chesney Service Experts hope to help you answer that question by sorting it out for you.

Precision Tune-ups: Professionally certified HVAC maintenance 

  • Think of this as the most simple plan that provides way more than you’d ever think. It is created to give you everything you need for reliable cooling, including:
    • Current operating condition of the equipment
    • A comprehensive system cleaning and adjustment
    • A report on the system’s safety and efficiency
    • The Home Health™ Report, a comprehensive indoor air analysis report
  • This air conditioner service plan is perfect for:
    • Any air conditioning system that has not had maintenance within 12 months
    • Anyone needing to find out more about the condition and efficiency of their air conditioner
    • Allergy sufferers and others suffering from respiratory problems

PLUS™ Maintenance Agreements: Ongoing prescheduled service 

  • This plan takes AC maintenance to a new level, including:
    • Convenient, prescheduled tune-up appointments
    • 24/7/365 front-of-the-line service for the speediest service, no matter how busy we are
    • A 15% discount on all heating and air conditioning repair services
    • A lifetime thermostat warranty for the life of the agreement 

Platinum PLUS™ Protection Plan: Worry-free heating and cooling 

  • As with nearly all things, platinum means the best value. This air conditioner service plan is no exception. Not only do you receive ALL of the features and benefits of all the other service plans, you also receive:
    • FREE parts and repair services*
    • An instant comfort system replacement allowance when you are ready to upgrade your comfort system
  • This air conditioner service plan is ideal for customers who:
    • Desire amazing, ongoing system coverage for one low monthly payment
    • Plan to stay in their home and upgrade their comfort system
    • Would like the most convenient, turn-key and worry-free home comfort available 

Let A1 Chesney Service Experts in Calgary know if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing an air conditioner service plan. Give us a call at 587-315-5271 or set up an appointment online for one of our expert technicians to help you determine what is right for your system and budget.

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